About Us

The EL Print Distinction

EL Print prides itself as a one-stop t-shirt printing solution for institutions, corporations, organisations, and individuals alike. Each order we receive, regardless of quantity, matters personally to us. El Print is a team of t-shirt printing specialists, comprising of real people with sincere passions.


T-shirt printing is definitely our expertise, but that’s not our primary objective. Instead, we make it our life mission to bring smiles to our customers by excelling at:


·      Producing vibrant and durable prints

·      Delivering quality t-shirts, fabrics, and artefacts

·      Providing constant assistance to our customers

·      Transforming imaginations into reality


El Print has the people, the passion, the persistence, and the personality to deliver the best apparel customization service that the industry has ever seen.



The El Print Process

Your t-shirt printing experience begins with selecting a t-shirt type of your choice from our extensive t-shirt catalogue. Once you’re happy with your selection, the DIY (Design-It-Yourself) stage commences. You’ll be granted access to a multitude of design templates, fonts, clip arts, and even the choice of uploading your own images! You don’t need to be a design prodigy; all you need is your fingertips and a modest amount of creativity.



When you think your design looks good, all that’s left is for you to input the desired quantity and confirm your order. We’ll respond with a detailed quotation within 1 to 2 working days. After your approval, El Print will work its magic to produce and deliver your customized apparels!



Pricing in the apparel printing industry can get a little complex, but we’ll always select the most cost-effective printing method to suit your needs. Do have a look at our t-shirt printing pricing tips to grasp a better understanding about the charges. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us directly.