Perks of Having Your Own Branded Corporate Apparel

Posted by Angie 21/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

So, you’ve seen other companies rocking our their very own apparel and you’re thinking of getting one for your own company.

Hold on…Still need a little nudge to convince you on getting corporate apparel for your brand? Fret not, we could help you with that. Keep scrolling to discover some of the awesome perks that comes from having your very own corporate apparel!




12 colors silkscreen print cotton tshirt for SEPHORA (Printed by - El print) 



Brand Identification


The first reason may be an oldie but definitely a goodie, and it tops our list of why branded corporate apparel is something worth investing it. Whether it’s a uniform or t-shirt designed for a special event (e.g., roadshows), having your brand name and logo emblazoned on corporate apparel is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your employees look professional and feel comfortable. Moreover, it is another way to get your brand noticed by consumers. Here, ensuring that your branding elements (i.e., logo and colour scheme) are kept consistent with those printed on your apparel is key as it’ll aid in achieving brand recognition among consumers.





From left - DHL , Foodpanda in eyelet dry fit round neck tshirt (Printed by- El Print)


Sense of Community


So, we’re not ruling out that developing a sense of community among employees involves so much more than simply having your own corporate apparel. In fact, we’re with you on this! For companies that don’t require their employees to wear uniforms, think of branded corporate apparel as a way to complement the initiatives you’re currently pursuing. Whether it’s your annual company walkathon or team-building day, donning the same apparel fosters a sense of togetherness by eliminating the lines between higher management and your employees. Plus, it’ll sure make many great insta-worthy memories for everyone.  


On top of that, why not use this as an opportunity to turn it into a fun team-building activity? Engage your employees and encourage them to put on their creative hats and contribute their ideas in the designing process. This way, not only will this give your creative team a little breather (phew!), but also provides employees a chance to share their ideas and be proud of their designs. We think it’s a win-win situation.










From left - Instock corporate caps, polo tee, corporate gifts available for customization 




Corporate Merchandise for Consumers


Guess what? Let’s not limit ourselves with just corporate apparel when there’s an array of customisable corporate merch to choose from! We’re talking about tote bags, thumb drives, notebooks, drinkware, bags – the list goes on…


With the presence of many competing brands in the marketplace, we’re certain you won’t want your brand to be drowned in a sea of rivals. This is especially so in the minds of consumers. Give consumers something to remember you by. Using branded merch could be a great way for you to achieve that. Besides, giving consumers a little token of appreciation for purchasing your products or even visiting your store shows that you value them.


The key here is selecting merch that would be of interest and use to your consumers. Who knows, satisfied consumers may even share snaps of your branded merch on their socials –

thus, expanding your reach! Now that’s a major “YAY” for your brand!