Printing Methods

El Print offers a total of 4 apparel customization methods.
Each t-shirt printing method is intended to facilitate all kinds of requests and orders.



Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is the most popular and common method for t-shirt printing. The screen printing process involves the use of a stencil and buckets of different coloured inks.


This apparel printing technique is perfect for speed production, producing vibrant colours, and delivering long lasting imprints. The finished product is known to be more resistant towards cracking and fading. Screen printing is the best technique for larger quantities (more than 10 pieces) and bigger designs. Screen-printed t-shirts are washing machine-friendly and can maintain the print quality over long periods of time.


Suitable for:

- Quantities exceeding 20 pieces

- Same design for all the pieces

- Total number of colors is few

- Class tees, event tees, corporate polo tees



Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is often used for customized names and numbers for jerseys, class t-shirts, and CCA t-shirts. Each name and number is manually heat pressed onto the garments, making them unique to the individuals who wear them.


Suitable for:

- One color printing

- Soccer team logos

- Customized names and numbers

- Jersey and sports-related printing





Digital Transfer Printing

Our digital transfer printing facilities are able to produce prints in multiple colours, textures and patterns (even glow in the dark). This printing method can be applied to both dark and light garments. Digital transfer printing is optimal for orders that have multi-coloured graphics and gradients.


Suitable for:

- Designs with gradients and shadows

- Low quantity

- Personal T-shirt designs






Direct to Garmet Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing is the newest technology in the t-shirt customization industry, and might very well be its future. It works in a fashion similar to the ordinary inkjet printers that you see at home, except much larger. Instead of printing on paper, the machine prints directly onto the apparel. The ink has an inbuilt fusing agent which bonds with the fabric to ensure a lasting finish.

The finished print is smooth-to-the-touch. There’s also no cracking or fading involved in garments printed through DTG machines. Don’t be surprised if your friends start admiring your t-shirts retail-quality! In fact, they might even beg you for the brand that you got it from. Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.


Suitable for:

- Cotton tee printing

- Design with gradients and shadows

- Low Quantity printing

- Different designs for each tee







Embroidery is often associated with classier looks and pristine quality. Patterns and designs produced through embroidery are known to last a lifetime. They might even last longer than the t-shirt itself! The process leverages on sewing different coloured threads onto a fabric in complete precision to form the desired design.

This apparel customisation method is perfect for corporates t-shirts as it resounds a robust and professional image. There’s certainly no other t-shirt customisation technique that produces an even more prestigious look than embroidery.


Suitable for:

- Corporate image

- Logo prints involving many colors

- Corporate Polo Tees